Post Wedding Activities
(no....not THOSE activities....sheeesh!)

Saturday Barbecue



Chris and Doug


illuminati apprentice, Doris, Gattaca (and White Trash Barbie)

The crowd

Saturday consisted of more sight-seeing: Saturday Market and downtown tours. And then a backyard barbecue (we had to get rid of that cake somehow!)

After food and drink, we all settled into groups talking until late into the night. Our new friend Dave (illuminati apprentice) wrote and read this poem for us:

For Doris and Doug on their Wedding Day

There is a blessed union of souls
that transends the sacrament of
flesh. It is constructed of fragments
of sunset and starlight, illuminating
even the dark moments of questioning
that lurk in a multitude of secret door-
ways. It lightens the step during the
drudgery of everyday, brings song to
lips, unexpected passion to the shadows
of lingering doubt. When the moon

is full in the summer sky, it rains down
translucent brilliance on its chosen.
Others marvel at their apparent luck,
their random selection; but, in truth,
it is neither. It is the amber majesty
of transluscendent joy and vulnerability
in the very presence of the thundering
hand of the past, the imagined violence
of fear. Those who risk much are the
happy recipients of this blessed union.




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