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I am also Chair for the Department of Performing Arts: Theatre, Dance, Music, Journalism and Speech Communication. Ahhhh! The prestige! The money! ......well maybe not; more like accck! The meetings! The budgets! But I have to say that so far it has been fun. The original selling point of my taking this position was the promise of a new computer on my desk - with full Internet access.......they had nooooooo idea what they were getting themselves into, did they?

I became a Webmaster at PCC in 1996. I created and maintain the website for the Division of Visual and Performing Arts, including Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Graphic Design and Publishing Technology. I am also Webmaster for the Women's Studies Program, and for the Forensic Team (Speech and Debate). Over the past few years, I have tried my hand at teaching Speech Communication courses for Distance Learning over the Internet, but decided this wasn't where I needed to spend my time.


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As much as I love my jobs, I continued to work weekends at a small convenience store (good jobs are hard to find, right?) until Winter 1999. I worked at Candy's Kwik Shop for over 19 years - yep I was a lifer at a "7-11 wannabe". During those many years working at Candy's, I have had the pleasure of being held-up at gunpoint four times - I am a hardened victim - and would appreciate it if all robbers learn robber's rules of etiquette:

  • stay on your own side of the counter
  • speak nicely to the clerk
  • use only a shiny new handgun

With so many little stores being held up and the bad guys not getting caught, I am starting to believe a career change may be in order.......I could hang outside convenience stores and mug the robbers (who they gunna tell anyway? "Oh officer, see I was just holding up the store and this woman mugged me").

When the time is right, I will someday leave teaching and move on - turn the page as it were - and create a small, warm, gentle used bookstore at the coast (buh huh...and dolphins will show their true gifs to the world.....). Ah but it remains a dream.

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