The Old Homestead

Welcome to our home. It was built in 1909 on the brink of the architectural style change from Victorian to Arts and Crafts. The house reflects this change as it has a simple Victorian structure with some Arts and crafts elements. Well, perhaps it isn't that simple: it has a Mansard roof. Originally it had a wrap-around porch, which was lost sometime in the 30s when the house was remodeled. The second owners filled in the roofline over the former porch in 1980 when they added an upstairs bathroom. As the third owners of this wonderful house, we have also updated many parts of the house. This has included a complete remodel of the bathrooms, the kitchen and the dining room. We have also added a wrap-around deck with a hot tub.

In full summer glory

In full winter glory

Come wander around the yard and house:

The Yard

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