Pre-Wedding Activities


Brian and Robin, Doug's step-kids

Chris, Doris' elder son

Pat, Doris' sister

Virginia, Doug's mother

Chris, David and Mom

Dinner the night before the wedding was held at Edgefield -- the former Multnomah County Poor Farm, now a Hotel and Brew Pub. After eating, we wandered the grounds, the gardens and the main building. Meantime FemOwl was wandering the city.....searching for her hotel room....searching for our house.....

And she found us!


Other pre-wedding activities for the out-of-towners included sigh-seeing: a trip through the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, Washington Park, Portland State University, Portland Community College, and a general tour of the city.

Cleaning the Park

The work crew: Doug, Pat, Brian, Robin

The groom in his glory

Robin doing her thang

Before we could play "Here Comes the Bride," we had to clean the steps and landing at the park. We made it a party. pollyanna, orianna and FemOwl supervised with superior expertise.


To the Wedding



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