The Wedding

St. Johns Bridge
St. Johns Bridge

Cathedral Park

Descending the steps dodging the sprinkler

Doug and Doris with Cathedrals behind

Brian and Robin, waiting

Chris, waiting

David, waiting

Doris and David

Doris, Chris and David

Flowers and wine goblets

The wedding was held at Cathedral Park under the St. John's Bridge. As we arrived, we found sprinklers watering the steps down to the park.....and the grass around the landing where we were standing.....which soon stopped and began again closer to the site.....which continued to move closer by and around us and then on top of we had to move everyone, including the minister and wedding party during the ceremony.

Conni Jill, minister

Flower Girls strewing flowers

Flower Girl FemOwl

Wiping sweat and presenting the ring

Sprinklers! Sprinklers! Sprinklers!

"We planned that!"


More laughter!

And even more!

Doug says his vows

Doris says her vows

The cathedral-like setting

Robin reading the Apache Marriage Prayer

The kiss

The couple

But the sprinklers helped cool everyone, for the bridge didn't shade us on the landing from the 90 degree sun until the ceremony was the wedding group stood before the minister with sweat dripping down their backs, their legs, their faces.......

We set up the table to hold the wine and laid down the Moslem Prayer rug for us to stand and then started the music. Bonnie Raitt sang Nick of Time , as our Flower Girls orianna and FemOwl strewed rose pedals. And then Doug and his step-kids, Doris and her sons stepped forward.

As the minister said something about the "din of life," a train rumbled down by the river and began toot-tooting as it crossed under the bridge. Doug immediately said, "We planned that!"

The couple and parents

The couple and kids

The wedding party

The whole damn family

Toastmaster Scott

The couple and FemOwl

Mom and her grandsons

Bill and Candy

Scott, Shawn and Melissa

The couple and Gattaca

Pat and Mom



Shawn (Enygmatoy) hit the player to play Indigo Girls Power of Two, only to find the sprinkler-soaked player and tape we sang a bit as the kids poured the champagne for the toast given by Scott (Enygma).

Between the roving sprinklers, the heat, the train, the music.....I do not think I have ever laughed so much and so hard at any ceremony!

Waiting for dinner to start

The cake

Cutting the cake

Workin the crowds

Candy, Doug and Deb

Chris and Mom

David and Jene


Mom and Gattaca

Doug's parents

Doug's Mom

King Doug

Toasts given, pictures taken, hugs continued, we hit the road to dinner at the Quay across the Columbia River into Washington.

When the daisy halo was placed on Doug's head, the paparazzi went into a snapping flashing frenzy.


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